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Digital Marketing for Rural Small Business

Nowadays, trying to market on the Internet can feel like being dropped into a major city without a map, compass, or sense of direction.

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With a myriad of options, where do you begin? How do you start to make yourself seen? You’ve got a vision and a dream and a product or service that you know others need, but how do you know where to invest your time or your money? Plus, no one told you you’d need a dictionary in order to be able to understand the jargon and language. Ten minutes into an Internet deep dive on how to market and you’re already lost and confused with the conflicting information you’ve received.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry, help is on the way!

As a digital marketing enthusiast with a passion for rural entrepreneurship, Chad J. Treadway has delved deep into the art of SEO, the magic of social media, and the wizardry of digital marketing. But he has never lost sight of the unique charm of rural businesses—their dedication, authenticity, and community spirit.

Chad will be your fearless leader and Digital Marketing for Rural Small Businesses is your guidebook to success. Breaking down the dynamic, confusing language of online marketing, Chad offers a clear, easy to follow view of the multifaceted world of online marketing. You don’t have to feel abandoned or alone as you work to market your product or services to the world around you with Chad at your side. Whether you’re new to marketing and just starting your business, a business veteran with dreams of expanding via the Internet, or a little bit of both, this book is a must-buy support guide to finding your niche and helping your clients find you through online search engines in the process.

You’ve got a mission, a calling and a desire to help clients beyond your immediate area, but the realm of digital marketing can be intimidating. No longer!

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Unlock the Secret to Rural Marketing

Ever tried to market your business and had to take a detour to look up a term to understand marketing jargon? No longer worry about precious minutes spent trying to uncover just what SEO means or why it matters—Digital Marketing for Rural Small Businesses offers easy to read and easier to implement real life examples of complicated marketing terms and applications, offering you a clear roadmap to success to help you bring your online offerings to larger audiences.

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Attract Your Prospects Online

If the Internet is a busy street filled with prospects trying to find your product or services, help them in the process. Digital Marketing for Rural Small Businesses is your key to standing out in the hustle and bustle of the online marketplace. Bring your message out amongst the noise and chaos, and draw clients to you using the comprehensive plans and explanations provided in this book. If you’ve been looking for ways to develop a competitive edge, you just hit the jackpot!

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Now You’re Thinking Like a Marketer

This book will portal you into a world of potential where the Internet becomes your digital canvas. If you're a rural small business owner struggling to be found online, this engaging story format delivers the knowledge you need to get your digital marketing on track. Grounded in research and real-world examples, Digital Marketing for Rural Small Businesses provides practical tips and strategies any small business owner can apply to their marketing efforts.